I know I’ve been remiss. I haven’t posted anything new to the site in a while. I am trying to give a larger creative project priority when I find a corner of time to write. I’m working on a novel. I confess it. After all those years of having a pile of screenplays under the bed, now I’m working on the novel under the bed. It feels so East Coast. Anyhow, I still spend a significant amount of time cooking and trying to add new dishes to the repertoire and improve on old ones; refining the staple items I need to have in my pantry now that we are wheat free/gluten free by default. But more on that another day.

For me, I find my site useful as a spot to look up recipes and refer to them on the screen of my laptop as I prep in the kitchen. Last summer when my daughter was staying with relatives she texted me with an urgent need for the teriyaki sauce recipe, which I was able to provide her by sending her to the appropriate blog post. Handy!

So I wanted to invite you to the launch of my new Recipe Index Page. It’s right there at the top menu line and has links to the menus, and tells you the name of the post it comes from. Hope it’s helpful! It reminded me of a couple of things I haven’t made in a while. It also shows me there are quite a few recipes I haven’t added yet and could stand to get up into ‘the cloud’ for easy referral later. Plus, it’s been too long since I made summer stone fruit bars. I bought nectarines at Costco today. When they all become ripe at once, lookout! (My gluten free version would use King Arthur Flour gluten free chocolate chip cookie mix for the bar part, without adding the chocolate chips. Should be awesome.)

stone fruit bar