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On our last airplane trip – flying Jet Blue, I think – we were given packets of crystallized lemon with our drinks. Neither Chris nor I had ever seen “True Lemon” before and we thought it was an exciting find. It’s essentially the preserved equivalent of a lemon wedge in a packet, without much in the way of extra chemicals or sugar or sodium. This would be a great addition to a bug-out bag or the 72-hour emergency supplies, we thought. They last such a long time. Once back home I ordered a 100 count box (100 packets @ $8.33, or .08 per packet/wedge) from Amazon. That’s not appreciably more than the price of a fresh lemon, actually. So, if you want to cross one thing off your list toward earthquake or hurricane emergency supply preparedness, get some packets of this stuff in the house.

Their verbiage, from the box:
• Made from lemon
• 100% natural ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, colors, sodium or       preservatives
• Each packet delivers the refreshing, light taste of a lemon wedge
• Unsweetened with 0 calories, 0g carbs, 0g sugars & 25% of an adult’s daily Vitamin      C requirements
• Great for water, seltzer, teas & beverages as well as recipes
• 100% natural ingredients
• 100% of your daily vitamin C
• No artificial sweeteners
• No preservatives
• True Lemon keeps you true

[Hmm. If I were working in their marketing department, I would’ve mentioned the scurvy prevention angle, for their Pirate customers…]

Have other people seen this stuff, other than in flight on an airplane? I haven’t seen it in the stores. And another thing: the other night I was chagrined to discover that I was out of lemon when I was making Brussels Sprouts by my favorite method – sautéed with soy sauce and lemon – and resorted to using two packets of the True Lemon stuff. The dish turned out fine. No lie. And no, the true lemon folks are not paying me. They don’t know I exist. Cheers. ☺