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“As the 99 Percenters gather.” I’m sharing an interesting article from Grist website and Slow Money author, Woody Tasch. He is suggesting that people could productively let Wall Street know how they feel by moving investment dollars out of Wall St. stocks and into local food industries and services. I like the idea – even of just becoming more familiar with our local food heroes:

“I’m talking about the prospect of a million Americans taking 1 percent of their money and investing in small food enterprises, near where they live.

I’m not proposing this because local food is the next trend after organic, or the next stop for Prius drivers who’ve just joined their local CSA. This is not just about a libertarian impulse to take our food supply back from corporations that seem eager to fill our food with GMOs and to empty our Main Streets of small food enterprises.

This is about rolling up our sleeves and doing something that at first seems inconsequential and risky, but soon seems rewarding and impactful — and about as conservative as conservative can get.”

To read the whole article:

As the 99 Percenters gather, 1 percent could make a difference | Grist.