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Halloween is a big day for us. My husband made my daughter’s costume again this year, down to the gaffey stick.

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012

I think the red eye adds a little something, don’t you? If you don’t speak Star Wars at home, as we do, and don’t recognize this Tatooinian creature it is a Tusken Raider. Last year my daughter was a Jawa, also from the planet Tatooine (featured in episode IV or ‘the first one’ as we purists like to say, despite the confusion it causes among the next generation).

Who’s that Jawa?

If you thought Star Wars was pervasive now, wait til Disney gets a hold of it. I’ve always said if Disney wanted to market a religion then we had better plan to convert. So now they have The Force going for them, which is nice.

I’m not opposed to the big news about Disney buying Lucasfilm. It seems that most film enthusiasts chatting about this on the web agree that letting Disney have a go at one of the world’s most beloved film franchises is a Good Thing.  Living in San Francisco, I have to wonder what it will mean for the people working at Marin based Skywalker Ranch and the Letterman Center in the Presidio. More jobs, fewer? The same? Both my husband and I have worked for Disney on film projects in the past (one each) and I also like to say that they have gotten every dollar in wages back from us by way of merchandise for our child and DVD purchases, but I must admit that they are very good at what they do. So may The Force be with them, and if this means more Star Wars movies then I’m in.

Happy Halloween everybody!!